Students of the Horse

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How To Manifest a 1,200 Pound Horse & Other Life Lessons

Sarah and CladdaghMy mother started reading the Black Stallion books to me when I was little. I learned to read with such voracity as I imagined myself grasping onto the mane of “The Black,” riding the desert stallion who taught a young boy the true meaning of love, courage, and friendship. His partner.

Sarah Jenkins, MC, LPC

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My journey with trailering Saba started many years ago. I tried
2 different trainers Jennifer and Sabawho were successful in getting him to load but I was not part of the training and did not learn how to work with him by myself.  A year ago I went to a show and saw a trainer who had taken a wild mustang, ‘Warrior’, and in 3 months was able to point to the trailer; ‘Warrior’ walked over to the trailer and loaded himself. That is what I wanted. This trainer lived in Queen Creek and came to Glendale to show me how to do it. In 4 hours he was able to load and unload Saba but again I did not learn how work with my horse. I was able to successfully force him into the trailer with food and another horse. We went for a day trip and on the way back as I snapped him in the trailer he spooked and pulled back to try to free himself. That was my turning point. I knew if I continued down this road, either Saba or I would be injured. I got on the internet and found Holly.

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Valerie and DreamerMy journey with Dream Catcher began when I was in first grade. I'm not sure where my love of horses came from, but all of a sudden it was there. My parents tried to accommodate my love of horses and took me to a riding barn a few times and some horse events but told me we could not afford a horse. I would sweep the floor for allowance and say I was saving up for a horse. I began a model horse collection and my first model horse was a black and white paint. In second grade I met my best friend, Kim. Her parents bought her two horses that year and I was fortunate to be invited out to ride with her often up to junior high age. We are still best friends to this day and both on a Parelli journey! Unfortunately, her parents sold her horses. We went through our boy crazy years, grew up, married and went to college. I had a baby and started my career as a speech-language pathologist working with children. Horses became a distant childhood dream.

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Dana and SapphiraMy sister raised Saphira for 2 ½ years out on 20 acres of woods in Monroe, Missouri so she could grow up with freedom since I did not have property to bring her home. After we bought our home six months later we drove out to Missouri to pick her up. The only training she had as she grew up was leading and getting into a trailer to eat for one week. When we got there she jumped in out of our trailer with no problems and on the trip home she was perfect with no trailer experience. She was a very trusting filly and had known only love and care for her safety.