My Journey

Holly ScottI grew up riding horses and knew it was what I always wanted to do. I have a passion for teaching and believe all things should be left better than found. In 2001 I graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in Equine Science and began a path toward becoming a horseman. I worked as a colt starter for several reining and cowhorse trainers in the years after school and continued to teach traditional horseback riding lessons to supplement my income.

In 2007 I made a chance move to a new boarding facility where there were several other people boarding there that happened to be Parelli students. Seeing what amazing things they had accomplished with their horses I was instantly hooked on wanting that with my own horse. That summer I attended an event where I quickly signed up for the Savvy Club and haven’t looked back since!

The past few years I have made a push at becoming certified as a Parelli Professional. I have attended several courses at the ranch in Pagosa Springs, Colorado where I have had my horsemanship and teachermanship skills tested. I am and always be on the path to becoming a better me and take my personal horsemanship journey very seriously. Each year I attend at least 2 weeks of horsemanship at the Education Institute in addition to as many Parelli Professional clinics or workshops as I can. I have been lucky to receive several scholarships to attend these courses and believe the value in learning is something everybody should get to experience.

Holly ScottMost recently I have had the privilege of attending the Horse & Soul Tour Stop with my levels horse, Baron. We participated in the Savvy Team and several demos including one with Colleen Kelly (Rider Biomechanics) and a personal Rider Makeover lesson with Linda Parelli. I have goals to become a talented and dedicated enough student to one day be invited to ride with Linda or teach the courses at the ranch. Never ending self-improvement! I hope I can share with you all I have learned so far with this amazing horsemanship program!